Assistants - Let Users add Absences for other users

Robin Grombach
Robin Grombach
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With you can give users the right to add absences for other users and send an absence request to the approver.

If you want a user to create absences without sending an absences request, the assistant should be given the approver role.

  1. Simply go to the settings, then departments
  2. Open a department and add an assistant
  3. This user can now add absences for all users in this department
  4. The approvers of these absences will be sent


This allows for multi step absence approval & management assistant roles helping out the department to manage absences.

In summary the rules for approvers and assistants can be summarised as:

  • Approvers can only approve absences
  • Assistants can only send requests
  • If User A is both assistant and approver for User B they can send requests for other users and approve those requests (automatically).
  • If they are Assistant for User C but not their approver then they can create requests which will be sent to the appropriate approver.
  • If they are approver for User D then they can only approve their absences but not create/update any

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