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Leave types can be customized at any time. Create new ones and perfectly adjust them to your company’s needs. You have different options. You can either define the leave type as visible or invisible for all users. Also, you can set e-mail notifications for specific leave types. This way, whenever someone is sick, the HR department and other specified users will be notified.



1. First go to "Settings" in your Dashboard.

2. Then navigate to "Leave Types".

3. Now click on "Create Leave Type".

4. Choose a fitting name for the leave type. (How about "Home Office"?)

5. Select your preferred icon for the leave type. (The house icon is perfect for our Home Office example.)

6. If you wish, you can make the leave type visible to your colleagues. (This might be specifically relevant for our Home Office example.)

7. Click on "Save".


Your personal leave type has been created and is now visible to your colleagues.


To link a Leave Type with an Allowance, please click here.



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