Create Teams, Departments and Locations

  • Updated gives you the opportunity to create teams and departments. Furthermore it is possible to add locations in order to provide the right vacation days for the right region. This feature makes our solution even more practical.

This guide will show you how to create teams, departments and select different locations.



1. Click on Settings and then select Departments

2. To create a new department, click on Add Department

3. Give your department a Name (how about "Sales"?) and Save your changes


You have successfully created a new department!

In the next step you can add approvers, assistants and users and set up email-notifications.

If you are the owner or admin and you have no assigned approver, your personal absence requests are approved automatically. Other users need to select an approver.



1. Go to Settings

2. Navigate to Teams and click on add Team

3. Give your team a name and click on Save

4. Lastly, you have the option to add a users to complete your team.




Does your company have more than one location? No problem, supports different locations and has the relevant vacation days already set up. (You can always modify the vacation days depending on your individual preferences.)


1. Go to Settings and select Locations 

2. Click on add location and type in the name for the desired location, the year, country and region (if available).

3. After you have filled in all relevant information you can add custom Bank Holidays. If you are satisfied with all settings click on Save to create the new location.

4. Lastly, users can be added to the location and the holidays can be further edited to individualize your organization.


 Have fun using our solution!

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