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Until now, allowed annual vacation entitlements, monthly allowances were not provided. But since there are now many companies that allocate monthly allowances- be it vacation days or home office days - we have found a new solution for our customers.


Set up allowances

The biggest difference is in the creation and management of the allowances. There are still four allowances that can be used:


However, any number of leave arrangements can now be created within the allowances, which can then be assigned to individual employees. Both monthly and annual allowances can be created. 




In the Details you can edit the durations, availability and expiry of days can also be set and adjusted here. You can also see which user have this allowance attached.

The users who had the policy assigned in the past are also displayed here.


Once the allowances are set up it is possible to create the leave types that will be assigned to the allowances, e.g. vacation, home office, business trips but also special leaves such as relocation, marriage, parental leave etc.

The different allowances that have been set up can now be assigned to the user in the user profile -

Only Owners, Admins or HR roles can make this assignment.

Any number of allowances can be added, the allowances will be sorted by date.
Here you have the possibility to add individual adjustments, e.g. additional but one-time adjustments.
The overview then uses a timeline and the display of regulations and adjustments to show exactly which allowances the user still has available.


As soon as a contract start date is entered in the user's Public Information, the allowances can be calculated on the basis of this date. This means that if new users join during the year, the vacation entitlement is calculated automatically with one click. Same works for contract end date. 

Have fun with our solution!
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