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Within the Settings, you can add new users, assign roles and rights, create teams and departments, and set locations. This way, you can easily and efficiently depict any kind of corporate structure.

In this article, you will find all the basic information related to the Settings tab.



Under Settings, the Owner, Admin or HR can customize their organisation based on their personal preferences. 

The Settings menu is divided into 3 main categories that are called Organization, Calendar Settings and General Settings.




Under Organization, you can edit teams, departments and locations.


Click here to see a full guide on how to set up teams, departments and locations.


Calendar Settings

Under Calendar Settings, you can edit the general settings, create leave types, and view or edit allowances and custom holidays.



Under General, the Owner, Admin and HR can edit the location of the head office and set the desired date format.



1. To edit the country and/or the date format, you first need to click on "Edit".



2. You can now change the country. (If your country is not displayed in the given list, select "Other".) 



3. You can also change the date Format, if the current one does not fit your preferences.



4. Finally, the Owner has the option to delete the organization. (Click here to find out how to delete an  organization.)


Another subsection of Calendar Settings is Leave Types.

  • Click here to find out how to set up new leave types.
  • To edit an existing leave type, click on the desired live type (e.g. Sickness).




You now have a couple of options to personalize the leave type:

1. Change the name of the leave type.



2. Select an icon.



3. Personalize the settings of the leave type.



4. Activate notifications for other users. (Who receives notifcations for this leave type?)


This is all you need to know about leave types.



Under Allowances, organizations can create yearly allowance days. These can be edited individually and leave types can be assigned to them in order to subtract days whenever an employee uses a specific leave type.


Click here to find out how to edit or create allowances.


Custom Holidays / Mandatory Leave

Under Custom Holidays, you can define personalized holidays for your organization and assign them to predefined locations.


Click here to find out how to create or edit custom holidays.


General Settings

Under General Settings, you can enter or edit your personal payment details and set up your integrations.



Payment Details

Click here to get all relevant information regarding payment.



Easily connect your G Suite (Google) or/and Slack account with absence.io to make absence.io even more efficient. Furthermore, you can integrate your absence.io account into your personal calendar to always stay up-to-date wherever you are.


Click here to find out more about integrations. 


Enjoy our solution!


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