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We at strive to be as transparent with our customers as possible. With us customers should always feel like they are in charge of their payments, subscriptions and feature access.

We love developing our product as close to customer feedback as possible. So make sure you sign up to any relevant beta programs outlined in our Roadmap or by contacting


Admin Payment Info


Go to settings > Payment Details to edit your Billing Address and Payment Method.


Free trial & Pricing

We allow our customers a free 14 day trial during which no invoice is going to be issued to our customers. The trial starts with your registration and ends automatically 14 days after your registered. During the trial you can see a little batch on the top of your screen showing you how many days you have left.

If you provide payment details during the trial we will automatically charge you for your next months subscriptions with the current user count. See our prices on this page.

We only charge you for all users with the status "Active". Here you can learn more about deleting users.


Changing subscriptions 

In the subscription settings, owners can activate and deactivate all subscriptions at anytime. Please note that this means you lose access to the feature set of that subscription instantly. The subscription will not be charged with the next billing period. time tracking, terminal and personell file cannot be purchased without the absence management subscription as of this day.


Find all relevant invoices in your payment settings within the app. You can find details such as payment status and download your invoices (Settings > Payment Details). We will send all invoices to the e-mail address provided by you in the payment settings a few days before we charge your payment method.

Your invoice is issued for the next billing period (usually next 30 days) using the current subscriptions and user count. Each subscription will be issued separately on the invoice so you know which services you are currently subscribed too.


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