Time Tracking Settings & Rights

Robin Grombach
Robin Grombach
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absence.io offers different rights to restrict or grant admins and users the editing and creation of time entries.

To edit time entries, this must always be allowed globally for the account under Settings > Time tracking settings. Afterwards, this right can be revoked from admins and users via their Profile > Basic Data.

Settings for Time Tracking

Before you start using Time Tracking, you should set up your account in Settings > Time Tracking Settings.

  • Here you can set whether your users should have access to Time Tracking. This will make Time Tracking visible and accessible to all users.
  • You can also allow your users to edit their entries and add work times in the future.
  • If some of your users shouldn't have access to Time Tracking, you can simply add them to the Exceptions List. Users in this list will not see anything related to Time Tracking in their accounts. 


Moreover, you can give these permissions individually to each user by navigating to Users, selecting a user and clicking Public Information.


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