Setting up and Editing Expected Work Times with Schedules and Shifts

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To customize your organization, you can edit your personal working days or the working days of another user.

Please note: Working days can only be edited by the owner, administrator and HR roles. 

The working days/hours can either be set for the individual user themselves or in bulk for multiple users.

  • Individually for one user: Via Profile > Work schedules
  • In bulk: Via the Users tab > Select employees > Select working hours

First select the user and click on work schedules. You can then add a new work schedule. Enter a date from which the new working days/hours should be valid.

The "valid from-date" automatically ends the previous work schedule.

You can enter different work schedules for up to four weeks, which then alternate on a weekly basis.

With you have the option of either entering a work schedule (Option 1) or simply specifying a number of hours for the week (Option 2).


Option 1: Create a work schedule

If you choose this option, you simply enter the explicit times via a working schedule.
Don't worry, employees can still clock in outside of these times.

Option 2: Use Flexi-Time and set weekly hours

If you simply want to set the working days and total hours, use our Flexi-time option and switch to "set time per week". Then activate the working days and enter the amount of hours in total. will share the hours equally to the working days. If necessary, you can also adjust the individual days manually.

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