How to set up and use mobile terminals

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Have you already seen our mobile terminal app in your Play/ App Store? 

You have - great! Here is a short instruction on how to set it up and use it. All you need is a mobile device with a camera - so a tablet, an iPad or even a phone.

If not, just search for terminal absence-terminal-app-icon.png


Step 1: Setup mobile terminals 

  • Take your preferred tablet and download the mobile terminal app
  • Log in with your Admin credentials
  • Create a new terminal and give it a name. In case you already have a terminal with the same name, this will be deactivated automatically
  • If asked, allow access to the camera

You're done with setting up the terminal - Easy right? 

You will see the new terminal in your normal account under Settings > Terminals


Step 2: Assign individual QR codes for clock in / clock out

Let's say you have an employee called Kevin. Kevin should clock in and out via the new set up mobile terminal. What Kevin needs is an individual, super modern QR code. 

  • Open the User tab in your account and click on Kevin's name to enter his profile
  • Under Basic information you'll see a field called "punsh card ID"
  • If you can't see a QR Code here, please contact and we will create them for you
  • Kevin has now different options to see and use his QR code
    • He can just open the app on his phone and see the code in the top right corner
    • Or, if Kevin doesn't use his phone, he can download and print the QR code to use it like this

A list of all QR Codes needed? Just go to the User tab, select all users and click the option "QR code".


Step 3: Creating time entries with mobile terminal 

You thought this was quick and simple - well now comes the real easy part!

  • Put up your tablet and open the terminal app
  • Now Kevin comes to work and
    • either opens his personal app, clicks on the QR code
    • or pulls out the card with the QR code glued on
  • He scans the code with the terminal camera
  • Presses the play button
  • And Bam - he is clocked in

Everyone deserves a break - even Kevin. So he will just repeat the procedure and press the pause button. And if he spontaneously decides to call it a day, presses the stop button. 


Have fun using our solution!

Your team


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