Time Tracking Reporting

Check your employees' time sheets

In Reports, you can check your users' working hours. In the Time Tracking Details report, you can see:

  • Start and End: when the user clocked in and out
  • Scheduled Hours: how many hours the user is scheduled to work that day (is set in the User Profile, under Work Schedules)
  • Total Hours Worked: the total hours including unscheduled hours
  • Overtime Balance: the difference between Scheduled Hours and Total Hours Worked
  • Unscheduled Hours: hours worked outside of the times set in the Work Schedule
  • Missed Hours: any hours not recorded during the times set in the Work Schedule
  • Total Breaks: the total duration of all breaks


You can filter by employee, department, location or Team, and you can set the time period you would like to see.

The Hours Worked report provides an aggregated view of all hours worked within a time frame. 

All of the data can be exported into Excel format.

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