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Integrating your Google account into gives your employees the opportunity to log in to with their Google account, while you are able to import your Google users.
Furthermore, you can activate the calendar synchronization from Google to

Please be aware that you need Google admin rights for the following steps!

There are 2 different operations you can take in total regarding oour G-Suite integration.

  1. Connect company: this basically gives a company the ability to import users from their domain.
  2. Integrate user: this gives the user the ability to login without typing a password.

As a user you can integrate your account to any google account. Even your personal google/gmail account if you want. It doesn’t have to be from the same domain the company is connected to.

When you connect company and import users, the user is created as  "integrated" and will authorise the SSO connection to their G-Mail account with the email invite from

Follow the next steps to integrate the Google G Suite:

1. Go to "Settings" next to your profile.



2. Click on "Integrations".



3. Navigate to the Google tab and click on "Connect with Google Company Account (Gsuite)".



4. Click on "Activate" in the following pop-up window to confirm.



5. Now choose one of your Google accounts.

6. Your employees now have the opportunity to sign in to with their Google accounts, as long as they use the same G Suite domain that you have set up in the past.



To import users, follow the next steps:

1. Navigate to "Integrations" and select "Import users" within the Google tab.



2. Choose the desired users by marking them and click on "Import Selected Users".



3. The users you have selected will receive an e-mail notification that enables them to log into

4. To accept the e-mail invitation sent via G Suite, click on the link in your e-mail notification.



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Have fun!


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