Office 365 SSO (Single Sign-on) and User import

Struggling to import your Office 365 users?

Our Office 365 Integration automatically synchronizes all your events with the respective outlook calendar and makes the login process easier with SSO (Single sign-on).


1. Click on "Office 365" to start the setup.



2. Log into your Microsoft account with your credentials and click on "Sign in".



3. After you have successfully signed into your Microsoft account you will get redirected to's "Dashboard".



Import users

1. Navigate to "Integrations" within "Settings".



2. Click on "Import users" within the Office 365 integration to add users from your Microsoft database.



3. Mark the desired users with the respective checkbox and select "Import Selected Users".



You have now the option to send the imported user(s) a direct email invitation.

4. Navigate to the tab "USERS".



5. Select the desired user and click on "Send Invitation" to send an email invitation.



Login as User

The user has two options to log into 

1. Login via email invitation. Click on the link within the email to get access to



2. Login via Office 365 sign-in.



Enjoy our solution!


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