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Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
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The Employee Questionnaire helps HR to fill out the Record.

After the Admin has sent out the Employee Questionnaire, it has to be filled out by the user and sent back to the respective Admin. 




1. Click on the Notification Icon.

2. Select Fill in your questionnaire.

3. You can edit now all relevant data within the Employee Questionnaire.

Then click on the respective link to edit the desired information.

  • Edit Personal Information
  • Edit Contract Information

4. Click on Save to save the Employee Questionnaire temporarily.

5. Click on the Notification Center in order to get back to the Employee Questionnaire.

6. Select Send in order to send the Employee Questionnaire back to the respective Admin.

7. Confirm your choice with Yes.


The  Employee Questionnaire will be sent back to the designated Admin. From here the admin can review the changes, accept them and save them to the user record, or send them back to the user for updates or corrections. 


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