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Please note that the Employee Questionnaire can only be sent by the rights Owner, HR or Admin.

The Employee Questionnaire serves as a resource for the Owner, HR or Admin to fill out the Record of the desired user.


Send Employee Questionnaire

Follow this guide to send the Employee Questionnaire to the desired user in order to fill out the Record:




1. First, go the tab Users in order to select the desired colleague.

2. Select the desired user with the designated Checkbox. You can select multiple users with the designated Checkbox.

3. Then, go to Actions and select Send Questionnaire.

4. Click on Send to send the questionnaire to the selected users.

The Employee Questionnaire has been sent to the desired User(s) and can be answered now! 


Receive Employee Questionnaires

Follow this guide to take over all the relevant data from the Employee Questionnaire or to send it back to the colleague.



1. First, go to the Notification Center and select Review Brendan's Questionnaire. (The name does vary.)

2. You will be redirected to the Record of the respective User where you can review the given information.

3. If you are satisfied with the entries of your colleague, select Override all.

4. You can also select specific fields by marking the individual checkbox.

5. If you are not satisfied with the entries of the employee you can send the Employee Questionnaire back.

6. If you are satisfied with the user entries and took over all the relevant information, select Save.

7. Confirm your choice with Yes.


 You successfully filled out the Record of the Employee! Nice job! 


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