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Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
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Please note that the Employee Questionnaire can only be sent by the rights Owner, HR or Admin.

The Employee Questionnaire serves as a resource for the Owner, HR or Admin to fill out the Record of the desired user.


Send Employee Questionnaire

  • Individually per user: Go to the users profile > personnel file > click the button "Send Questionnaire"

  • Via bulk option: Go to users and select all users you want to send the questionnaire. Then click on Questionnaires:





The Employee Questionnaire has been sent to the desired user(s) and can be answered now! 


Receive Employee Questionnaires

After the user has filled it out and sent back to you, you get notified via the upper right corner in the web app.


You can now review it, take over all the relevant data or send it back to the user in case you are missing data:



 You successfully filled out the Record of the Employee! Nice job! 


Have fun using our solution!

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