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The General section is the heart of every single user account. It shows all information about the respective user, and is therefore unique for every user.



Editing the Public Information of Users (Only Admin, HR and Owner)

  • To change the current location, select one of the locations from the drop-down menu. You can type in your current location as well. (To find out how to add a new location, please click here.)
  • To change the department, go to Department and select the desired one from the drop-down menu. (To find out how to add a new department, please click here.)
  • To select (deselect) one or more teams, go to Teams and mark (unmark) the desired team. (Note that you don't need to enter the drop-down menu to deselect teams.)
  • Now select the approver. (You can select a specific approver or the approver of the assigned department.)
  • Edit your Role within the organization. (Note that you can only select the next lower role, e.g. Admin can only change to HR and HR only to User.)
  • Mark the check box if you want to accept and decline absence requests. (Note that as a user you can approve or deny absence requests if someone gives you the permission to do so.)
  • Finally, you can select your language and status. (Note that only HR, Admin or Owner roles are allowed to deactivate other users apart from themselves.)


That's all you need to know about General information!


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