Different Options to track your Time

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Depending on the company settings, we offer three different ways to record your time.

1. Using the Play/Stop Button 

Either via the terminal or via webbrowser/mobile app. Simple click on the Play-Button to start time recording, use the Pause-Button to take a break and end your day with the Stop-Button. Very simple and easy to use!


2. Enter time entries manually

You can create time/ break entries manually via the button "New entry" or within the day itself by clicking on it:


3. Create time entries per bulk with the magic stick

Creating time entries have never been easier. With absence.io you can add time entries per bulk for one day, week or even a month! Click on the magic stick and we will automatically create time entries regarding to your work schedule. Of course, you can edit them anytime as needed.


Have fun using our solution!

Your team from absence.io

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