How to setup MS-Teams Integration

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Are you using Microsoft-Teams in your company? If yes, we are very happy to tell that you can now setup our newest integration! You will now be able to set up daily broadcasts, notify and accept absence request from directly via Teams!

Let's get started

Step 1: Setting up the integration in your account

As an Owner/Admin/ HR please go to Settings -> Integrations and enable the Office 365 Teams bot



Step 2: Create Teams Connection via Token

Create a Teams company connection token.

Everyone can now go to its Profile -> Integrations and enable here the Office 365 Teams bot. Afterwards create a personal connection token and copy it (this token is used to connect to the teams app). 

A user token can only be connected once, You can create a new token if you need to reconnect.



Step 3: Integrate into your MS Teams

  1. Open MS Teams and go to manage your apps
  2. Search for and click on the teams bot listing
  3. Click Add and our App will automatically pop up in the left panel
  4. Start chatting with the app, best start with typing help
  5. Type connect and paste your Teams personal connection token from your profile (for example: connect b5cd66ef-9119-462d-bc68-615fb1af7ee0). Press enter


Yeah you made it!

Try out these features:

  • Get notifications about approved/denied absences
  • Approve/ deny others requests 
  • Get notifications if you are set as substitute or leave notifications


Step 4: Setting up a daily broadcast

  1. Within go to Settings -> Integrations -> Create and copy Teams company connection token
  2. Within MS Teams: Go to the App-Tab on the left panel, search for the App and open it. Click the arrow for the dropdown menu below, open and select add to a team (Only the owner of the team will be able to add it)
  3. Within MS Teams go to Teams (left panel) and chose one of your public channels and start a new conversation
  4. Type connect and paste your Teams company connection token (for example: connect abce66ef-9119-462d-bc68-615fb1af7ee0. Press enter
  5. Type setup and press enter. The broadcast card shows up and you can adjust it to your needs. The broadcast will report absences of all users in the team you've selected in the dropdown. (Press X to open the dropdown)
  6. Click the button Done to save. The broadcast is now set up. You can change the settings anytime via this card (just click Done again to save) or setup a new one. 

Video Tutorial:

MS Teams Bot: 

MS Teams Broadcast:





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