New Slack Integration and Import

Follow this guide to connect with Slack:

With the integration of Slack, absences can be directly integrated into your Slack account and users can be imported from Slack. Approvers can decline or accept absence requests within Slack. Additionally, teams can see current and future absences using "Slack commands". Daily broadcasts of absences can be set up for department or team channels.

Once you have setup the connection to slack, all your users will get a notification. With this notification they can then setup the slack connection to their profile.

  • First go to "Settings" to access the Integrations section.

  • Select "Integrations" to manage your integrations (e.g. Google, Office 365, Slack, Calendar subscriptions, etc). 
  • To integrate Slack, click on "Connect with Slack".


  • Now enter your "Slack domain" and click "Continue".


  • Finally, enter your Slack e-mail address and your password. Click on "Sign in".

  • Here you can select which channel the daily broadcast should be posted.


  • When the authorization is complete, you will be taken back to the Integrations page. Click on Details to set up notifications or to import your team members.


  • In this screen you can set up notifications, your time zone, and when the broadcast should go out every day.

  • In addition, you can import your Slack team members into you can select all users to be imported and hide users who have already been imported.


  • That's it! You've connected to Slack and can now receive absence requests and  approve or decline them straight out of Slack, as well as set up broadcasts for any channel.




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