Give Approver Rights to Users

In this guide, you'll learn how to set users as an approver for other users. However, please note that this process can only be done by those in the roles Admin, HR, or Owner.


1. Go to the users page.


2. Select the desired user from the list and click on them. (Still not able to find the desired user? Click here to get information about the tab "Users".)


3. Go to General within the Profile.


4. Mark the checkbox ("This user is allowed to accept & decline absence requests") to give approver rights to the desired user.


5. Click on Save to accept the changes.




The user is now set as an approver and can be selected as an approver within the absence request settings.

Note: Jimbofer Jonethan can now be selected as an approver whenever an absence request is made and the user who is requesting the absence has no specific assigned approver (also no department approver.)



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