What are the Different Roles and Rights in absence.io?

Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
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absence.io differentiates between four different role types, namely the User, HR, Admin and Owner. This makes the approving process easier.

They have the following rights:


A User can....

  • Request and add absences
  • See absences of colleagues that are in the same team, but not necessarily the absence reason - exceptions are leave types that are visible to the whole team

Has all the rights of a user and can also...

  • Invite new users
  • Edit and delete existing users
  • Access and edit absences of staff members
  • Insert the absences of staff members with the need of an approval
  • Add and edit Leave Types
  • Access reports and settings to address the management of holidays and calender-subscription

Has all the rights of an HR and can also...

  • Create absences of staff members without the need of an approval even for themselves

Has all the rights of an Admin and can also...

  • Delete the organization

Furthermore, we offer approver and assistant rights that can be assigned to specific users in the selected department.

Approvers can...

  • Accept and reject absences in the assigned department or users.

Info: Click here to find out more about approvers.

Assistants can...

  • Create absences for colleagues in the assigned department.
    See absence reasons for other colleagues in the department.
  • When activated in their profile > public information: Access Reports from the users of the assigned department
  • When activated in their profile > public information: Manage time tracking from the user of the assigned department


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