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Ready to create your travel expense report fast and easy with absence.io expenses including reporting and export to Datev or other popular financial programs? Then let's get started and set up your account in just a few steps!

Currently, our tool is optimized for users in the following countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. Our tool's tax features are tailored to the regulations of these countries. 

Let's get started

Step 1: Create chart of accounts

Under Expense Management > Integrations you create your chart of accounts, e.g. according to Datev SKR04. Alternatively, you can simply upload the chart of accounts using the import function. Then you define the tax account there.

Step 2: Create expense categories

Under Expense Management > Expense Categories there are already preset categories that you can edit/delete. Add as many categories as you need.


Step 3: Cost centers

Within the dimensions you can create e.g. cost centers and store them optionally in the user profiles.

Step 4: Workflow

Under Expense Management > Workflow you can set up your personal workflow for your company. If you also want to set up an approval process, you can do this via the Approval tab in the left button.


Yeah you made it!

Your account is now also set up and you can start submitting receipts as a user right away! As an admin, just select Private View in the button at the top instead of Organization.


Mobile App

Do you want to scan the receipts easily via your cell phone? No problem - just download the absence.io expenses app from the App/Playstore and update the regular absence.io app as well. The login only works via the "Expenses" button in the regular app, which will redirect you accordingly.

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Please be aware: For users without access (deactivated and excluded users) any settings, unsubmitted reports or expenses will be permanently deleted after 90 days of inactivity.

Have fun using our solution!

Your team from absence.io

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