How do I set up the holidays for Christmas & New Year's Eve?

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In most companies, employees only have to take half a day off for Christmas Day and New Year's Eve. 

You can easily set this up with - go to your settings and to the item "Custom holidays / Mandatory Leave" and add a Custom Holiday day via the button "Add Holiday" in the upper right corner. 



Name your holiday and enter the date. Then you decide whether you want the day to repeat every year - especially for Christmas and New Year's Eve this could be a good idea and make planning easier.

In this case, we set up the holiday as a half-day off in the afternoon - if the employee does not submit a vacation, he would still have to work in the morning and only gets the second half of the day off.

Make sure that you do not tick the box for the Mandatory Leave - because then this second half of the day would be automatically deducted from the vacation allowance of all employees. 

In the lower area you can assign this day off to individual locations. 

If you set up this holiday once for Christmas and once for New Year's Eve, only one vacation day will be deducted from the employees' allowance for these two days off. 

Have fun with our solution - and Merry Christmas!



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