Mandatory Leave - offsetting of vacation days in case of illness/emergency service

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Our mandatory leave is a very practical tool if you have company vacations and want to enter all your employees' vacations at the same time - here you can find an article about how to create the mandatory leave easy and quick.


But sometimes something comes up - a colleague got sick during the mandatory leave and now wants to get his vacation for these days credited again. Or a colleague has taken over an emergency service and gets the vacation day from the mandatory leave back.


We can now easily map this in our absence management with a toggle in the leave type "Return allowance taken by mandatory leaves falling within scheduled absences".


What does this mean in concrete terms?

In concrete terms, this means that you can now create absence types that overwrite the mandatory leave and automatically credit the vacation days back to the employee's allowance.

So make sure that when you create a leave type for sickness or emergency services, that this checkmark is set.


What to do if you have already created and used the absence type and now get an error message?

Unfortunately, we cannot add this feature to a leave type afterwards, because the system cannot change absences in the past. A simple solution for this is the following:

  • go to the absence type you want to change, e.g. sickness, and activate the toggle "Only for administrator roles (owner, administrator and human resources)" - then this absence type is no longer visible to the user and cannot be entered.


However, the previously used absences remain visible in the users' calendars and they can also be evaluated in the reports as before.

  • Then in the second step, recreate the absence type and activate the toggle "Returns vacation days taken by company leave in the planned absence".
  • This can now be used regularly throughout the year - and should it be applied over a company vacation, it will automatically return that vacation day to the affected employee's quota.

Attention: This feature is only available in our new version! Do you still have our older version and want a (free) upgrade? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you:

This is how you can reach us.


Have fun with our solution!


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