Sync absences to Google & Outlook for Employees

Robin Grombach
Robin Grombach
  • Updated allows admins to connect a g-suite or Microsoft O365 business account to the organisation. In the following we will show you how employees with role user in can setup and enable the calendar sync.


Once the owner or admin has enabled the integrations, users can choose to integrate and sync their personal google or outlook calendars with their profile, allowing absences to be synced to the calendars. In this way a users vacation will be visible to other calendar users while creating calendar events. 

Setup steps

  1. Go to your user profile
  2. Klick on "Integrations"
  3. Verify the Google or Office Integrations are visible (if not, ask your admin)Screenshot_2020-11-30_at_11.39.05.png
  4. Klick on "Connect"Screenshot_2020-11-30_at_11.39.19.png
  5. Complete OAuth of Google or Office account
  6. Enable calendar sync in absence.ioScreenshot_2020-11-30_at_11.39.32.png

You can also make use of our ICS subscriptions to achieve syncing into an extra calendar in google or office.

Here are the statuses we sync to the calendars:

  • Absences of vacation leave type will show as "Out of office"
  • Absences pending approval show as "Tentative"
  • Absences which "count as work" show as "Available"


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