Flexitime: Overtime balances & taking time off (Time off in Lieu)

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Does your company offer flexitime? No problem, you can easily use absence.io.

Flexitime without leave and approval

absence.io allows your employees to manage their attendance in accordance with their expected work hours without the need for compensations or approvals. This way employees will see how many hours they are expected to work in a given period in their time sheet and track all their attendance with entries.

In this scenario admins can ignore the report columns "missed hours" and "unschedules hours" as these take core working hours from the work schedule into account.

Also employees should make sure to select the correct from date (the date they started tracking) in the time sheet overtime statistics.

If needed, admins can give guidelines on how many overtime hours and how many missed hours are allowed in the time tracking settings. These will be viewed to the user in the time sheet.


Employees now simply try to stay within these limits by managing their attendance.


Flexitime with leave requests (Time in Lieu)

If you want to make sure employees create an absence in the calendar to track overtime taken as leave you can create a leave type for this.

Simply create a leave type "overtime allowance" and enable the setting "counts as work". You can enable approval as needed.

Now when ever a user take this leave "overtime allowance" and does not track his worked hours  on that day, his overtime balance will be reduced. This is because the expected work hours of this day have been removed from the work schedule by the leave.

This way users can apply for overtime leave and have their overtime balance be reduced as a result of the missed hours on that day.


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