Document Uploads - Doctors notes & Visibility

  • Updated allows users to upload documents in the documents section in their profile, the personnel file and absences.

Documents and absences - Sick notes for Sick leave

User the document upload on absences to enable a documentation approval process. Track doctors notes for appointments, travel expenses or simply share documents by attaching them directly to absences.

You can enable the documentation approval process for every leave type in the settings. Once enabled the user will receive a reminder to deliver a document as defined in the settings. Admins can then view missing documentation in the dashboard and mark absences as 'documentation received'.


Once a document was uploaded, you can mark the absence as 'documentation received' or send another reminder to the user if needed.


Visibility of Documents

Once a user role has uploaded a document in the documents section of their profile, admins and users can view this file. Visibility to users of files uploaded by Admins can be toggled by admins. 

If a user can view a file, this user can also download the file.



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