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Curious what is up to? Here, you'll find updates on new features that we released, bug fixes, and other fun changes! 


November 8, 2018

- Absence approved, absence updated, and absence notification emails now contain .ics files for that absence


October 26, 2018 

- Absence Request Emails are now showing correct dates for absence periods
- is now functional on Internet Explorer again


October 25, 2018

- Hourly Absences and Allowance 

- New registration flow when creating a new account 


October 10, 2018

- Digital Personnel File: attach documents to absences by taking a picture or selecting a file 
- Digital Personnel File: view uploaded documents on absences 
- Time Tracking: show if a time entry is type ‘work’ or ‘break’ 


October 9, 2018

- Improve overtime compensation: show alert if an entry is being revised a second time and display an icon on revised entries 


September 25, 2018

- Multi-session and quick swap between sessions for users with multiple accounts
- Ability to deduct allowance without creating an absence 
- Ability to pick your timezone in the user profile


September 18, 2018

- Time Tracking: all users have access to Time Tracking by default, regardless of role
- New loading animation


September 11, 2018

- is now available in the French language

- System-wide email uniqueness no longer enforced when attempting to update users emails
- Clearer language on an error message when attempting to integrate a company to a third-party account that has already been integrated to another account


September 4, 2018 

- Time Tracking: improvements to Time Tracking settings (no longer shows admins as possible visibility exceptions)
- Time Tracking: ability to run Overtime Compensation for single users directly from the Time Tracking tab
- Emails are no longer unique system-wide; can use one email address within several accounts
- When logging in, if the email entered is not unique, the app will ask for the Company Identifier (6 digit number)
- Emails are still unique within a company account; cannot have duplicate emails within one company account
- Company Identifier is now exposed under the company settings, invitation, and registration emails

- Reports: now showing inactive users, even when specified on the filters


August 30, 2018

- is now available in the Turkish language

- Notification emails for absences now always show overlapping absences


August 24, 2018 

- Ability to hide Time Tracking from a list of users if the feature is enabled for the company


August 22, 2018

- Time Tracking: open time entry sidebar shows updated total time

- Time Tracking stats issues and performance improvements


August 14, 2018 

- Time sheet for Time Tracking: timers will update automatically if the stopwatch is running 
- Time sheet for Time Tracking: statistics section is now always expanded (instead of being hidden)
- Bulk actions under the Users tab are now more visible when users are selected

- Several translations on the app


August 7, 2018 

- Admins/HR/owners can now change working hours for users in bulk under the Users section
- Approvers no longer see notifications if the requesting user has been deleted 















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