Track Your Time

Clocking in and out

  • To track your time, switch to the Time Tracking tab.
  • To clock in, click the Play button
    • The Play button changes to a Pause button
    • If you want to take a break, click Pause, and the timer will track your break time
    • When you're back from your break, hit the Play button again
  • When you're done tracking your time, click the Stop button


You can see all your entries for the day in the main view, including breaks. The total time for the day is displayed in the right column.

Add an entry manually

  • If you need to add worked time manually, click New Entry.


  • In the window that opens, you can select Work or Break in the Type dropdown.
  • Edit the time worked
  • Add a comment
  • Click Save to add the entry to your hours worked




In the Statistics section, you can see how many hours are scheduled this week and this month, along with how many hours you have worked and how many hours you still need to work.


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