What can I do when my Microsoft 365 / Google Calendar Synchronization is broken?

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If your calendar synchronization stopped working, don't worry! Just follow these steps to reactivate it again (same troubleshooting for Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar):

Troubleshooting Option 1:

1. Go to your profile > integrations and deactivate the connection 


2. Delete Cookies and Cache within your browser

3. Connect the integration again

4. Click on the button "synchronize with calendar"


Troubleshooting Option 2:

If the first option didn't help, please contact one of your admins to help with this second option.

1. As an admin go to settings > integrations and deactivate the global integration 

Don't worry, this will not affect users who have a working integration

2. Delete Cookies and Cache

3. Activate the connection again

4. Follow the steps from Option 1 within the users profile 


Hopefully it works again! If not, please contact support@absence.io 

Your team from absence.io

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