Setting Up Email Notifications for Leave Types

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Need to set up a notification system when a leave type doesn’t require approval? No problem! Our app enables this feature so that only specific users will be notified when users create these absences.


There are two options you can choose from:

1. Notify within a Department


2. Notify more generally for the Leave Type


Option 1:


By choosing option 1, you can add a Department Head who will only receive notifications of the absences within that department (i.e. Sales).


1. Go to Settings, click on Departments and then click the desired Department.


2. In the overview of the Department, click on "E-mail Notifications" and click the blue "Add Notification" button. This will let you choose whether you'd like to send a notification to an email address or to a user on your


3. If you send the notification to a user on your, it will trigger a pop-up that lets you choose which user you'd like the notifications to go to. By the way, you can choose more than one!


4. After you've chosen who the notification should go to, you can choose which Leave Type will trigger a notification (all within that Department, of course). 


5. Great! You've added Department-specific notifications! Need to change something? You can also edit them by clicking the pencil icon! 



 Option 2: 


All right, so maybe you don't have Departments set up in your account, but still need to get notifications when users are taking absences that don't need to be approved. There's also a way to do this! 


1. Go to Settings, then Leave Type and finally click on the desired Leave Type.


2. When the Leave Type overview appears, click on the blue "Add Notification" button. You'll then be able to choose whether you want to send it to a user or an email address.


3. Let's say you want to send it to a user. A new pop up will be appear where you can see a list of users that can be notified when someone takes this leave type. Note that you can choose more than one user! 


4. Don't forget to save! Once you've pressed save, the Leave Type will be updated and under "Email Notifications" you'll see the users you selected.




All done! 


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