Upload Documents & Edit Personal Information

Please note only Users with Admin rights can access the Record feature.

You can upload files to some fields in the personnel file.

The Personal Information within the Record includes all personal data like Name, Address or Contact details.



Follow this guide to edit the desired information or upload documents:

1. Click on Edit to change the name.

2. Change the desired information. (e.g. First Name)

3. Click on Save to keep all changes.

4. Click on the paperclip icon to upload a document.

5. Drag the desired document via Drag & Drop into the grey field or upload it via the Upload button.

6. Click on OK to finish the process.

7. The uploaded file will be displayed next to Documents.

8. Click on New Entry to add a new Emergency Contact.

9. Enter the Name and Phone number in the respective field for the emergency contact.

10. Click on Create to save the changes.

11. Click again on the paperclip icon to add a document to the emergency contact.



You've successfully updated Personal Information in the Record! 


your absence.io team

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