How do I link Leave Types with Allowances?

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When you create a new leave type for your company, they are not automatically linked to an allowance. Without the linking of a leave type to an allowance, requests made by users using the leave type will not subtract from a pool of days. 


Please note that it is advisable to properly set up your Leave Types and link them to Allowances prior to adding users and allowing them to request absences!


For example, in the picture below, you can see that the Leave Type "Vacation" deducts from the Allowance "Vacation." If they are not linked, your users will have unlimited days for these leaves.


To make a Leave Type subtract from an Allowance, please click on the Leave Type you would like to edit. Once you've done this an overview of the Leave Type will appear (see below) and you will be able to select/deselect the option "This leave type subtracts days from an allowance." Pick the Allowance you would like to link the Leave Type to and then hit save.


Your Leave Type is now set up with the appropriate Allowance! 




To read more about Leave Type, please click here.


Need more information regarding Allowances? Go here, or here to customize allowances for each user. 


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