Can I Customize Location-based Holidays?


So you’ve set up the location for your account (be it Canada, France or Equatorial New Guinea) and realize that—wait a minute! We don’t observe that national holiday at our company!


So how do you remove that holiday for all your users at once? Have a read here: 


1. Make sure that all your users are using the "Default Location Settings."


2. After you’ve done this, go to Settings and then Locations. 


3. Click on the Location you want to edit, for example Berlin. Once you've done this, you should see a "Edit Holidays" button. Click, and you'll be able to select/deselect any holiday that doesn't apply.


4. Now you can pick and choose which holidays apply to your company!






To add custom holidays that aren't on the location-based list of holidays, please click here.


To customize holidays for individual users, please click here. 



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