When I add a user it says "email already in use"

So you’re adding a new user to your company account, but for some reason you keep getting an error message and can’t add the user. A few things may be going wrong here.


But before we get started, please double check that the email you are registering is correct, and/or has been activated by your company.


Firstly, the user you are trying to add may have created their own company account instead of using an invitation link generated once you have added that user.


In this case, the user you are trying to add must delete the account they created.


To do this, follow the guide here.


Secondly, it might also be that the user you are adding is already a part of another company using absence.io. In this case, they must provide you with a different email that can be used for their second absence.io account.


For both the cases, it’s important to note that you cannot use the same email twice for absence.io accounts.


Okay, so you still can’t add the user, even though they don’t have an existing account with us and you’re wondering what’s going on?


If this is the case, it might be that the user was added before their email account was activated by your company.


As absence.io sends out an email to the user as soon as the user is added, it is possible that the email account used was blocked by absence.io due to repeated email errors. To unblock the email please contact us at support.



your absence.io team



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