How to Set Up Residual Leave

Residual Leave for the current year can be easily added to the respective profile during the setup of the profile.

To set up it up, you'll need HR, admin or owner rights. 

Firstly, go into Settings, then into the Allowances section. Open up the allowance you would like to set up residual days for. 


After that, simply tick the box that states residual days will be taken into the new year. It'll also prompt you to choose an expiration date for these carried over days. Once these days expires, users will not be able to use them. 

We automatically calculates the residual leave of every user. The following has to be considered:

If a vacation is approved it will first use residual leave days, and when those run out then the leave days from the current year. 

However, if a vacation is planned for the following year, it is subtracted from next year's vacation allowance first and recalculated once the new year starts.

For example, if a user requests a vacation for June 2018 when it is still October 2017, the vacation will subtract from the 2018 allowance first. When the new vacation year starts, the system will recalculate the June 2018 vacation and use up any 2017 residual days. 


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