How do I delete Users?

Permanently deleted user
Permanently deleted user
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Please note that you must have the role of HR, admin or owner to deactivate and delete users. Also every account needs at least one additional Owner if you want to remove the previous Owner. 

In we have a few user statuses. Two of these are relevant in case a team member leaves your organisation - deactivated and deleted.
Deactivated users will only appear in reports and the user list, so they will not be visible to regular active user roles. This way we allow you to keep record of team members even after they left your organisation.
To remove all user data from simply click on delete after you have deactivated a user. 

We will not charge you for all inactive users.

In order to delete a user, please follow these simple steps:  

1. Firstly, click on "Users" located on the top bar. Once the page has redirect, you should find a list of all your active users. Click on the user you would like to delete. When their profile overview opens, you'll find a "Deactivate" button on the top right.  

2. Once you've clicked on "Deactivate" a "Delete" button will appear. Click and confirm and the deletion! 


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