Is it possible to edit Custom Holidays / Mandatory Leaves?

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Please note that holidays can only be edited by HR, Admin and Owner roles.

Holidays can be customized for individual users or for an entire location.


Let's start by having a look at individual users.


1. Go to your profile. Click on "Show Profile" and to customize your personal holidays, click on "Holidays".

 2. You can choose between "Uses default Location Settings" or "Uses individual Settings".


Uses Default Location Settings

This example shows the usage of the location-based settings. Those settings depend on the location you previously set up under General Settings (e.g. Vancouver).


Individual Settings

Choose this option if you want to assign holidays to a user which do not depend on their specific location (e.g. if a user is based in Bavaria, Germany, but uses American holidays).

  • First select the option "Uses individual Settings". Choose the desired year, country (if your country is not listed, select "other") and the region. The region you choose will determine which holidays are checked and/or appear in the list. 
  • Review the holidays again and (un)mark the desired checkboxes to customize the selection.


Custom holidays / Mandatory leaves

Your custom holidays / mandatory leaves are displayed in the "Holidays" section. To set up new custom holidays / mandatory leaves, click on "Manage Custom Holidays".



Click here to find out more about "Custom Holidays".

That's all you need to know about Custom Holidays!


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