Setting up and Editing Working days

Edit your personal or a specific user's working days to personalize your organization. Please note that working can only be edited by the admin, HR or owner roles. 


There are two ways to edit working days:


Option 1: You can edit working days in bulk. 


  • Then navigate to Working Days and click on "Details" to edit the working days.




Option 2: You can edit your personal working days by selecting a user from the tab "Users".

  • Click on the desired user and select "Details" within Working Days.
  • Now click on "Edit" to change the respective working days.
  • You now have the option to add new working days or to edit current working days.
  • To add a new working day, click on the respective check box, set the starting date and edit the days (e.g. due to a contract change).
  • Click "Save" to confirm the changes.


  • To edit current working days, click on the respective check box and select again the starting date and the days (e.g. when days have been set wrong in the past). Click on "Save" to apply the changes.
  • To edit the currently valid days, click on "Correct".
  • You now have the option to change the specific working days for the individual user and the starting point. Click on "Save" to apply the changes. (The "Save" button only appears if something has been changed.)





That's all you need to know about working days in our solution!


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