Setting up and Editing Expected Working Days with Schedules and Shifts

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Edit your personal or a specific user's working days to personalize your organization. Please note that working can only be edited by the admin, HR or owner roles. There are two ways to edit working days: In Bulk or for every user

Edit working days in bulk

Go to Settings, then select all users or the users whose schedules you need to edit.  


When you've selected all the users, click on "Working Hours" on the right. This will open up an editor which allows you to edit your user's expected work shifts all at once.


You can setup weekly repeating schedules by adding additional weeks. Also select a start date to  decide on which date Week 1 of your schedules should start. will then cycle through all the weeks and will repeat the cycle until the next planned schedule. To view a users future and past schedules go to their profile, more on this further down in this article.

When you save these changes, the new working hours will appear in the user profile as a new work schedule which will be valid from the date (most likely today's date) you chose at the top until a new work schedule is added for that user. 

Be careful when changing schedules in the past! will take the schedule to calculate allowances and expected work hours in the past and future. So changing schedules can affect your users allowance and time tracking balances.

Option 2: You can edit working days by selecting a user from the tab "Users".

  • Click on the desired user and go to the Work Schedules portion of their profile
  • You now have the option to add new working days or to edit current working days.
  • Click "Save" to confirm the changes.



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