My Calendar and its Functions

The "My Calendar" feature gives every single user an overview of their individual absences, allowances, and absence requests. It is furthermore possible to create individual absences within the calendar.


1. Click on "My Calendar" to get to your personal overview.



2. The "My Calendar" feature gives you the opportunity to create new absences and see declined, upcoming, and past absences. It furthermore provides you with all relevant information regarding your allowances.




3. Here you can see your allowances with the remaining and residual days.



4. You can furthermore select the year of the allowances to see the respective details.


For more information on how to set up allowances, click here.



5. Here you are able to see your pending requests, declined requests and upcoming absences (approved absences). (Declined absences are not displayed in the calendar.)



6. Pending absences are displayed by colored lines with dashed backgrounds. The color depends on the leave type (e.g. vacation days are displayed by a green dashed line).



7. Upcoming absences are displayed by normal colored lines (e.g. the predefined color for sick leaves is blue).



8. To create a new absence, click on "New Absence". If you would like to find out more about "Drag & Drop absence requests", click here.



9. Click here to create a new absence.



That's all you need to know about the "My Calendar" feature!


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