What are the Different Roles and Rights in absence.io?

absence.io differentiates between four different role types, namely the User, HR, Admin and Owner. This makes the approving process easier.

They have the following rights:

A User can....

  • Request and add absences
  • See absences of colleagues that are in the same team, but not necessarily the absence reason - exceptions are leave types that are visible to the whole team

Has all the rights of a user and can also...

  • Invite new users
  • Edit and delete existing users
  • Access and edit absences of staff members
  • Insert the absences of staff members with the need of an approval
  • Add and edit Leave Types
  • Access reports and settings to address the management of holidays and calender-subscription

Has all the rights of an HR and can also...

  • Create absences of staff members without the need of an approval even for themselves

Has all the rights of an Admin and can also...

  • Delete the organization



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