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What is absence.io?

Say no to tedious Excel lists!

The absence.io vacation manager grows with your needs. Whether you want to manage absences within your project team, your department or even your whole company, you will never lose track of anything. This practical online tool simplifies the administration of absences like vacations and sick leaves. Say goodbye to manual vacation requests and tedious Excel lists. Instead, our solution will support you and your team to increase efficiency and save time!

Easy to use

absence.io is not only easy to set up, it is also simple when it comes to adding teams, locations and departments.


absence.io offers a clear user interface and provides all relevant information for the individual user.


Thanks to the absence.io reporting function, our users benefit from a clear and structured overview of vacation days and other absences. They also have the possibility to export absences to Excel.


Still having problems with the setup of your account?

Have a look at our 5 step guide on how to fully set up your account.

Step 1: Having trouble setting up your account? Click here to see a quick guide on the setup wizard.           

Step 2: Personalize your organization by creating your own leave types! Click here to see a quick guide on leave types.                              

Step 3: Give your organization its own character by setting up teams, departments or locations. Click here to see the setup guide. 

Step 4: Your organization has its own, company-specific holidays? No problem, click here to create custom holidays for your organization.                         

Step 5: Your organization has a yearly home office allowance? Create a new allowance or modify an old one here.


Enjoy our solution!


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