What is absence.io?

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Say Good Bye to tedious Excel lists! Try absence.io for free now! 

Whether you need to call in a sick day or request vacation time—absence.io is an intuitive and easy-to-use vacation management system that grows with your needs! With absence.io you can manage absences within teams, departments or a company so that you won’t lose track of absences. This practical online tool simplifies tracking absences making it even easier to say good bye to manual vacation trackers (see you later, Excel!). Get started with absence.io and experience a whole new world in absence management!


Easy to use

absence.io is not only easy to set up, it is also simple when it comes to adding teams, locations and departments.


absence.io offers a clear user interface and provides all relevant information for the individual user.


Thanks to the absence.io reporting function, our users benefit from a clear and structured overview of vacation days and other absences. They also have the possibility to export absences to Excel.


In addition to our basic plan, we also offer a time tracking module, digital personnel file and expense management, which you can book as an Add-on: 


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Have fun using our software!

Your absence.io team


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