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Easily integrate your leaves into Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar with our calendar feeds. Currently we support the integration for a single user, a team, a department, a location or the entire company. This article explains how to setup a calendar subscription for an individual user.

Click here to learn more about updating your calendar subscription links for the whole account. These links will sync all absences of an account.


1. You can find the link for the single user integration in the respective profile under "Integrations" (in the left sidebar):



2. You can find the calendar feed for teams, departments and location in the respective overview screen, e.g. "Department Overview".

  • Moreover, you can now choose to generate a feed with the respective settings for either Admins or Employees. The Admin feed includes any specific comments regarding an absence, whereas the Employee feed does not show such comments.



Follow these steps to set up the Integration:


To subscribe to an iCalendar feed using Apple's Calendar program:

  1.  Open the Calendar program (in Applications).
  2.  Go to the file menu and select "New Calendar Subscription".
  3. Type or paste one of the two feed URLs above into the Calendar URL field and click on "Subscribe".




  1. Copy the URL (web address) from "CALENDAR SUBSCRIPTION".
  2. iCal URLs usually start with webcal://, webcals://, http:// or https:// and end with .ics.
  3. Go to and open your calendar.
  4. Click on "Add calendar" in the top bar of the Outlook Calendar.
  5. Choose "from the Internet".
  6. Now paste your desired URL into the first field and enter the name of the desired user subscription below.
  7. Click on "Save".


Google Calendar

To import events from iCalendar or CSV files, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the down-arrow next to "Other calendars".
  2. Select "Add by URL".
  3. Paste the ICS link and click on "Add calendar".
  4. Now the calendar shows up in the left sidebar.



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