Edit and Set-up Allowances

Our allowance feature gives organizations the opportunity to define yearly allowance days. This article explains how to set allowances for all users in your account. These allowances can also be customized individually for each user. Allowances are assigned to leave types. This way, days are subtracted automatically whenever an employee uses this specific specific leave type.



(You need to be at least Admin, HR or Owner to edit and set up allowances.)

1. Click on "Settings".

2. Select "Allowances" under "Calendar Settings". Every organization is limited to a maximum of 3 allowances.

3. Click on the first allowance (e.g. Vacation) to see more details. You also have the option to change the name or edit the settings of the allowance. To confirm your changes, click on the check mark. To cancel, click on the grey "X"

4. To change the settings of the allowance, click on "Edit".

5. First edit the yearly allowance by selecting the number of days.

6. You can now decide if your employees are allowed to a have negative allowance or if the residual days will be taken over into the following year.

7. You can now edit the expiration rules by pressing the corresponding pencil button.

8. You can now define the validity and the expiration of residual vacation days. First select the starting year and the expiration day and month. (Note that the date you provide here is exclusive, e.g. allowances set to expire on the 1st of any month will expire on the last day of the previous month at midnight.)

9. If you don't want residual days to expire at the end of the selected year or at all, mark the respective check box.

10. To confirm your changes, first click on "OK" and then on "Save".

11. To set a new expiration rule, click on "New Rule".

12. One allowance always has to be active, but it is possible to deactivate the other two allowances. (If the allowance is currently assigned to a leave type, it can't be deactivated. You have to unassign the allowance first to deactivate it.)



Congratulations, you have successfully mastered allowances!


Your absence.io team

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