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Create an account in a few simple steps

Setting up an absence.io account is probably one of the easiest HR tasks you will ever experience!
However, if you still have problems creating a new account, follow this guide.
  • Go to absence.io and click on "Create account".


  •  Fill in all your personal information, accept the terms of use and click on "Signup".


  • Set up your account by first selecting your language.
  • Now, select the starting month of the vacation year and the amount of vacation days.
  • Furthermore, select the number of employees and your desired date format.
  • Decide whether you want to activate doctors notes. (This feature can also be activated later on under "Settings".)

  • Confirm by clicking on "Step 2".

  • Select the current year, country and city or region to set up the desired vacation days. (Vacation days change depending on the specific location you select.)
  • You can modify the predefined vacation days (depending on your location) by (un-)marking the check box.
  • Finish the process by clicking the "Finish" button.


That's it. Enjoy our solution!


Your absence.io team

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