Microsoft Azure Portal and O365 Admin Consent

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This article explains the setup you need to do if you are using our O365 Integration through a Microsoft tenant like Active Directory or AppSource.

You can integrate any O365 account on a organisation connect level in settings as explained in this article and this. The difference is if you are using O365 with Active Directory (Microsoft Azure Portal) your azure admin will have give consent to our azure app.

When you do make use of Microsoft Azure Portal Active Directory, our SCIM integration can help you automatically provision and deprovision users to the web app. This is explained here.

In order for your users to Login with O365, a Microsoft Azure Admin from your organization has to setup some settings. Admins have to be added as users to the " Azure enterprise application" so they can give consent. 

  1. Connect O356 account
  2. During this initial connection the admin consents to some needed rights for the O365 azure app.
    1. This will add the AppSource App to your Azure tenant so you can administer it
  3. Users cannot connect their O365 Profile yet, because the Azure admin has not given the AppSource the needed rights
  4. To do this go to Azure Active Directory -> Enterprise Applications -> app -> Permissions
    1. And click on grant admin consent
  5. To do this go to Azure Active Directory -> App registrations -> app -> API Permissions
    1. And click on grant admin consent






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